Peppa is a gallerist, curator, art advisor and artist consultant, reviewer, career professional photographer, and independent writer on art and culture.

Peppa is founder and curator of The Commotion by Truth+Beauty

The Commotion is a new, all-digital platform that carries forward the values, integrity, and pursuits of its parent urban gallery, the former Truth + Beauty.

The Commotion Virtual Salon represents 90 independent, international photographers in its online shop; hosts digital exhibitions in an OVR; presents talks and instructional workshops on Zoom; a podcast; and a variety of engaging public programmes. Peppa conducts portfolio reviews for individual photographers, groups and review festivals, provides mentorship and a host of advisory services on career objectives and development – in person, or remotely.  |

Posts by Peppa

Jason Langer : Twenty Years

Published by Radius Books, 2015
Also available through D.A.P. at

Jason Langer was born in 1967 in Tucson, Arizona and raised in Ashland, Oregon. He has been making
photographs since 1980, and has published two monographs through Nazraeli Press.
Twenty Years represents Jason’s first mid- career anthology of work. This collection of tightly edited
monochromes bristles with tension and mystery, with many of the images made in the unaffected dark
of night. Langer deftly employs high contrast for its evocative qualities, dominating the light spectrum
with inky blacks. Tight framing of subjects intensifies the composition, and his judicious use of blur gives
the viewer the sense of being present alongside, in the moment.
Langer now lives and works in Portland, Oregon.
IG: @jlangerphotos

~ Peppa Martin

Shira Gold: Finding her breath

Drawing on deeply personal and emotional experiences, Shira Gold’s photographs demonstrate grief, loss, identity, and change.

A Closer Look : Reading a Photograph

An independent commentary on photography by Peppa Martin.

Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart

What is not to love about photography in it’s “purest” form (ie: without photoshop tricks)?