Mark Walton is the editor of foto:RE|VIEW magazine, and founder of the foto:RE collective. He was a director and curator of FLASH | CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY HERE, a festival of photography held in Waterloo Region 2015-2017. He is the curator of The Stanley Rosenthall Collection of photography and the author of COMPLICITY, an autobiographical photographic exploration of the life of a reluctant colonialist.

Mark is the founder of The Covert Collective and publisher of curated.  | @mwaltonphoto

Posts by Mark

Shane Balkowitsch | Wet Plate Collodionist

“Art can be a weapon for change and we artists have the ability to wield it at will”

Mathew McCarthy

At first glance, the “florals” shot by Mathew McCarthy resemble some sort of memento mori with their desiccated seed pods, dried petals and withered roots and stems.

Kasia Piech

Kasia Piech’s explorations in ceramics evoke a sense of whimsy and darkness in equal measure.

Ruth Dick

Ruth Dick is a master at capturing the solitary.

Nancy Oliveri

Coney Island has been a virtual magnet for photographers for well over 100 years.

Alina Chirila

Alina Chirila is an experimenter. Never one to follow a rule book, she will learn the fundamentals of a process and then play with ingredients, timings and formulas until she gets exactly what she wants.