Mark Walton
March 28, 2020

Mark Walton is the editor of foto:RE|VIEW magazine, and founder of the foto:RE collective. He was a director and curator of FLASH | CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY HERE, held in Waterloo Region 2015-2017.

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Bart Gazzola
November 25, 2020

Bart Gazzola is an arts writer, curator and photographer based in Niagara. He’s published with New Art Examiner, Canadian Art, BlackFlash Magazine (where he was editorial chair for three years), Magenta Magazine and Galleries West.

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Virgil Hammock
March 28, 2020

Virgil Hammock was born in Long Beach California in 1938. A Canadian citizen since 1973, He studied at the San Francisco Art Institute where a graduated with a BFA in 1965 after serving as a photographer in the US Army. He then studied at the Indiana University where he obtained a M.F.A in 1967.

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Peppa Martin
October 27, 2020

Peppa is a gallerist, curator, art advisor and artist consultant, reviewer, career professional photographer, and independent writer on art and culture.

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Rita Godlevskis
June 10, 2020

PhotoED Magazine Editor/ Publisher, Rita Godlevskis has extensive experience in creative media work – specializing in photography, in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand

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Carrie Colton
July 13, 2020

Studio Sixty Six gallery owner and director Carrie Colton has 30 years of experience as an accomplished graphic and interior designer, fine art painter, art consultant and curator.

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Lisa Kehler
March 30, 2020

Lisa Kehler is a former gallery owner and curator based in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. She holds a BA (Honours) in Art History (2007) and an MA in Curatorial Practices (2013).

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Click! The Photography of Stanley Rosenthall
April 12, 2021

“Photography to me is like a kid playing in a sandbox…”

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Alors on danse
May 4, 2021

Ashley Guenette’s Alors on danse (Let’s Dance) is one of a series of animal acrylics she has created that are a cross between Canadian myth and Aesopian fable. They are definitely “of the north” and express how closely connected we are to the land from a cultural standpoint in this country.

You can find Ashley on Instagram and at

~Mark Walton

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Jason Langer : Twenty Years
April 30, 2021

Published by Radius Books, 2015
Also available through D.A.P. at

Jason Langer was born in 1967 in Tucson, Arizona and raised in Ashland, Oregon. He has been making
photographs since 1980, and has published two monographs through Nazraeli Press.
Twenty Years represents Jason’s first mid- career anthology of work. This collection of tightly edited
monochromes bristles with tension and mystery, with many of the images made in the unaffected dark
of night. Langer deftly employs high contrast for its evocative qualities, dominating the light spectrum
with inky blacks. Tight framing of subjects intensifies the composition, and his judicious use of blur gives
the viewer the sense of being present alongside, in the moment.
Langer now lives and works in Portland, Oregon.
IG: @jlangerphotos

~ Peppa Martin

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